Bollywood Drama Queen Veena Malik Center Of An Alleged Scandal

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I am unlucky in matters of marriage.
Pakistani actress Veena Malik admits that he is unlucky marriage. Upcoming reality show 'Swayamwar harp "He was very excited about, but in the meantime the channel announced its postponement.


Veena's new love!
During the shooting for the film with director Hemant Madhukar Bollywood actress Veena Malik Spending leisure time.
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Veena Malik's new blast
Bollywood Drama Queen Veena Malik has raised a ruckus. He has prepared Anblm your new name. It remains only to launch. Veena Malik himself Anblm is awarded with a new name - Drama Queen Bollywood drama Queen Veena's fact to explore the land on Belle's poppadom not certain.

Pakistani famous actress in Bollywood disappeared.
New Delhi, 17 ten (EFE) - a Pakistani actress Veena Malik who was at the center of an alleged scandal by publishing their photographs in a magazine with the initials of his country's secret service (ISI) tattooed on his arm is missing.

The disappearance was reported by the director of a horror movie actress who is participating, Hemant Madhukar. He said on Friday received a message from Malik by phone apologizing for his poor performance art.

"In the message, she apologized for having shown little concentrated on filming day and admitted he was worried," said the director, who explained that he immediately called his cell phone from her, but the phone was off.

The disappearance has been confirmed by the representative of the actress, Pratik Mehta, who ensured that he cannot talk to her since Friday, so I reported the case to the Police.

The photos of Veena Malik in the magazine with the letters ISI tattooed on her arm generated an avalanche of criticism. It served little actress - who was once threatened by Pakistani Islamism for her sexy image - to deny the authenticity of the images.

At the center of criticism, the initials of the ISI in the body of the actress gave birth to a scandal political dimension, since the local press accuses traditionally secret services of the neighboring country by cutting Islamist attacks occurring in India.


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