Royal scandal: Topless Photos Kate Middleton in magazine?

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The scandal topless photos of Kate Middleton rocked Buckingham Palace, but Kate, and William did not waste any time and decided to continue closer to court for publishing the incriminating photos.

And the royal family is not the only one to take severe measures: in a remarkable turn of events, Bauer Media, owner of the brand Closer, publicly condemned the decision of the tabloid published pictures and has even suggested that as the future of the group was compromised.

"We complained with the strongest. Closer to France for publication of photographs of His Royal Highnesses, Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge," said Paul Keenan of Bauer Media boss in a statement posted on the site Closer.

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The royal family continues closer to justice for published photos of Kate Middleton topless.
"We deplore the publication of these photos intrusive and offensive, and we have asked France Closer to immediate remove these pictures on their website and not to publish any more pictures. Bauer Media and the British edition of Closer consider publishing these photos as a serious violation of privacy of His Royal Highness."

Bauer Media also said he was not aware of these photos or intend to publish the magazine, adding: "We do not have any control over the editorial decision Closer France. Following this publication, We are studying the case with our affiliate and review the terms of our license agreement with France Closer."

The editor of the magazine, by cons, defended the use of these photos, saying they showed "a young woman sunbathing topless, as we see millions on the beaches," then add, "one must dramatize these little images, there are reactions disproportionate "
Despite the scandal that touched the royal couple did not leave yet disorienting.
A source close to the royal family said exclusively to E! News that princes William and his wife, who are currently traveling in Asia to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, "are in a good mood despite this case."

"They remain focused on the tour," the source said. "They look forward to tomorrow, because they will visit a forest." Indeed, the next stop is Borneo. "They will not let this ruin their travel history."

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The source also reiterated the sentiments of the royal family on this incident, saying that the publication of these photos by Closer magazine was "a grotesque breach of privacy. It should stop it. Pursue justice magazine is the only thing Kate and William can do. This is an extremely serious matter and very distressing. "

Given the public outcry, it is a feeling shared by many.


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